Compliance Management
Regulations increasingly specify how organizations must restrict access to, monitor, and archive sensitive information, particularly in the case of client data such as credit card numbers or health records, but also organizational information in a more general sense. Furthermore, it is not enough merely to achieve compliance. Organizations must also be able to demonstrate that compliance has been achieved in the event of an audit, quickly and comprehensively.

Organizations are aware of the need for regulation compliance, but are not always aware of the many dimensions it can involve, or how to address them through the technological infrastructure or business processes. They need to know which regulations apply most directly to them, which solutions/services are best suited for them to achieve compliance and how to demonstrate compliance if they are in fact audited. In many cases, they will want to outsource responsibility for some or all of these functions to a trusted partner.

Risk and compliance solutions from Technology Solved combine advanced hardware and software offerings with the expertise of certified security experts to help identify actions required to meet your compliance goals. We can help you implement systems and processes to quickly convert raw data into usable information.

Technology Solved's risk management and compliance solutions are designed to optimize shareholder value by:

  • Maintaining rating and reputation.
  • Lowering cost of capital.
  • Reducing burden and cost of compliance.
  • Improving decision-making and pricing.
  • Enhancing overall efficiency.

    Our solutions can help you sense and respond to changes and threats intuitively.

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