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Design and Deployment Services  from Technology Solved are designed to help you establish a business-driven approach to infrastructure architecture and the management of IT-enabled business services. We can help you identify opportunities for reduced costs, reduced risk, improved quality and greater business value. Strategy and Planning services produce a roadmap of clearly defined projects designed to extract more value from your existing assets.

This roadmap can also be used to support the deployment of critical business-driven projects, like SOA initiatives, or leverage technology innovation, like cloud computing.

Business projects that leverage newer technologies, such as virtualization, SOA and Cloud Computing, can have significant implications for the infrastructure and the management capability to support increasingly complex service configurations. We can help you understand these implications and build a plan to achieve your goals faster with a collaborative approach that uses internationally accepted
best practices, proven methods, deep skills and our robust reference models and architectures.
Design & Deployment Services can help you:
Align IT initiatives with business objectives
Technology Solved IT Management Consulting Services helps you assess, plan and design your governance and management capabilities in support of your stakeholder requirements and business objectives. The services provide facilitated workshops, tool strategies and industry best practices like ITIL and COBIT as well as ISO/IEC Standards for service management and governance.. They can help you:
· Reduce risk
· Improve quality
· Deliver and communicate greater business value
· Control costs
· Improve your ability to direct and control IT services
· Improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure
Technology Solved IT Transformation and Optimization Consulting Services helps you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment with industry-accepted best practices. When your goal is to optimize, we can help you leverage new delivery models, like Cloud, better manage and contain your energy consumption and get more out of your investment in infrastructure. We typically perform an assessment and develop a detailed, prioritized roadmap and technical architecture.
The services can help you:
· Improve operational efficiency and use IT resources more effectively
· Identify and plan an approach to reduce the environmental impact of IT
· Reduce operational costs
· Incorporate emerging technologies into your existing infrastructure to gain improvements in service

Create an integrated, flexible service-oriented architecture
Technology Solved SOA Infrastructure Consulting Services helps you assess the potential impact of service-oriented architecture (SOA) on your organization and accelerate implementation, so you can extend connectivity and collaboration across the value net. We work with you to assess your ability to meet required service levels, evaluate opportunities for improvement and recommend tools for your implementation of SOA. Every SOA project results in the need to plan both infrastructure changes and the ability to manage the new application and infrastructure service configurations. The services are designed to help you:
· Predict the impact of SOA on your organization, while promoting adoption and implementation
· Extend interoperability and collaboration across the value net
· Achieve faster time to market for new capabilities


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